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Generally, boot camps target young, nonviolent offenders with limited criminal history.Boot camps are largely short-term programs lasting 90 to 180 days.Secure facilities such as jails and prisons must operate effectively as self-contained communities in which all necessary goods and services are provided in a safe, secure, and controlled manner.ACA standards relating to safety require adherence to all federal, state, and local fire and safety codes; emergency planning and preparation; and the provision of related training and materials for staff and inmates.

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For more information on the creation and monitoring of the ACA standards; individual standards manuals; updates and interpretations from the ACA staff; or to purchase the ACA standards, explore the links on this page.Since their inception, the ACA standards have served to establish a fundamental operational structure for facilities and agencies that have implemented them.ACA standards interface with all aspects of operations, including safety, security, order, care, programs, justice, and administration, among others.Deviations from these rules are met with reprimands or punishments involving physical exercises (e.g., push-ups) or the removal of privileges.Outside of this quasi-military orientation, boot camps vary greatly.

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