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Feel like I am having a sort of "dry spell" here the last couple of years...maybe this is the way the universe needed me to be for now, and something greater is coming in the future - dang! In the meantime it is great thoughts like your blog here that feed my need for Femme interaction with my Butch soul! I'm from the opposite end of the butch-femme spectrum and what I adore about that is all that long-burning fuse in between us burning up the night and warming my days!Please don't ever think that you don't have your fans and admirers - some of us (like me;-)) are even still single! Come to Chicago where the reception is as warm as the femmes! And thanks, too, have to go out to Butch Drifter and Master Amazon who managed to read my mind and put together a great response.If I’m all over the map forgive me I’m still stunned that what you wrote felt so personal. Also, check out the Butch Voices and Butch Nation orgs for butch community-building and finding butch buddies. The butch/femme dynamic is endlessly fascinating, stimulating and challenging to me. I am from Asia and most of my male friend asked me What is the different of being a Butch from being a man on which they believe they have a complete tool to satisfied woman.I’m on a break Julia so if you, or your friends in the secret society of women who love butch women are near the Northwest coast of Florida and want someone to share dinner with please send me an email. Check for local butch-femme meet-ups in your area on Meet Up.com, butchfemme.com, My partner and I went to one of the Butch Voices cons in LA last year and we were so blown away by being around all those butches, aggresives, studs, and bulldaggers and hearing from so many different folks about their experiences. So I just humbly advised them that butch knew how to satisfied their woman in many ways, not only on Orgasm but also in emotional well being .

I stumbled on this site last night and read your Love Song to butch women. I didn’t realize there were women who held any special thoughts about butch women, are they endangered too?I don’t pretend to understand my preference for women on the masculine side of the gender spectrum anymore than I understand why I am attracted to women in the first place. But that explanation leaves rather a lot of important things out. I love the way a butch looks in a suit or a good pair of men’s jeans, but it’s how she carries herself I have a special place in my heart for the bois, butches, and studs too.It really is a unique kind of energy that just doesn't have a match anywhere.I've had relationships with exclusively Lesbian, and with straight women who said I’m a one time thing.At about 34 years old I learned to take a 2 to 5 year break between relationships to recover from the exhaustion of giving so intensely and the sadness for one or both of us when it ends.

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