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There may be collectors clubs that you can join to find out more and to share information with fellow enthusiasts.Collecting objects to do with a particular subject is popular.If, like us, you have an interest in antiques and pottery, Pottery-English is the site for you.If you are trying to find the meaning of elusive pottery marks or need to research famous potters we have a large selection of both and are adding to the site all the time.Look out for antique fairs, general auctions, house clearance sales, junk shops and car boot sales – anywhere that might have china and pottery for sale. The recent vogue for Clarice Cliff has led to faking of pieces like the conical sugar shakers – the originals can fetch thousands of pounds at auction.The cunning forgers use household dust from vacuum cleaners and tea to age their copies.Nowadays the best pieces command high prices, especially in local sales. You could choose from the many small 20th-century domestic pieces which are still widely available, especially items such as bowls, mugs, jugs, eggcups, toast-racks, ashtrays and thimbles.Bulgaria, situated in southeastern Europe on the Black Sea, is one of Europe s best-hidden secrets.

Our ABC Favorites are always at a special price for all.Depending on the total order amount, we use a combination of the following denominations:€ 5, € 7.50, € 10, € 15, € 20, and € 25. For online orders, we prefer you to use this email order form.You may also call us, but will have to supply an email address for the payment link.Favourites include famous characters, pets, farm or wild animals and birds.Sporting themes, especially golf and cricket, which appeal to many collectors are priced accordingly.

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