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The confusion is resolved later in the episode when it turns out that Kelly is Trent's cousin, not his date and he and Mel become friends again.Josh injures himself during sports, so Brian attempts to fix him with a home-made machine.Josh is determined to hold a party to improve his social standing at school - could this somehow save the whole family from being taken back into care?Will the world find out Brian and Sophie are aliens?Meanwhile, Josh spends the money he raised for a charity event on a football ticket, and starts to earn the money back by putting up 'dog found' posters for Mel.When Lucy finds out, she pays him even more to bring them all back again, by which time Mel has warmed to Dennis and agrees to keep him.She keeps trying to get into trouble until she comes home with a walkman she says she stole.Josh tries to get a date with Tanya Thomas (Emily Fleeshman), so he enlists Brian's help.

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Previously it was shown nearly every day of the week at the same time of 5pm.

Lucy decides friendship is more important than being 'cool', and she and Wendy discover that their caterpillars "were really butterflies all along." When Lucy wins tickets to see Blink 182 in a competition, Josh is desperate to take them off her hands - after all, he's a huge fan of the band, and Lucy's such a geek she's never even heard of Blink 182.

Lucy agrees to give the tickets to Josh, but on one condition: Josh has to perform a truly unselfish deed in order to qualify for the tickets.

The last episode of Series 7 was repeated part of the CITV Channel's ALIENS GOLD weekend shortly before the final series had begun and the weekend before the first episode of the eighth series. It states that Brian and Sophie took the image of the Barker children's parents.

However, in the episode, Aliens Go Home (Episode 8 of Series 3), a flashback shows Brian taking the image of the, later stated, "Uncle Brian", but from a fashion magazine.

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